Order Description Do you believe that you accomplished all o

Order Description Do you believe that you accomplished all of the course goals? Are there any areas you would like to learn more about? Make a few comments about how you will apply this content to your future advanced practice nurse (APN) role THESE ARE THE OBJECTIVES OF THE CLASS Understand the fundamental principles of drug action, including basic pharmacokinetics, doseresponse relationships, and drugreceptor interactions.( ACCOMPLISHED THIS GOAL) Comprehend the mechanisms of action of each major drug classes at the molecular/cellular and organ/organ system level. (LEARN MORE ABOUT) Describe comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective drug therapy for a diverse client population ACCOMPLISHED THIS GOAL. Use knowledge of drug mechanisms to recognize and predict therapeutic and adverse effects. ACCOMPLISHED APPLY ON NURSE PRACTITIONER Explain common side effects and interactions associated with the major classes of drugs and discuss their implications on patient care. ACCOMPLISHED GOAL APPLY OF NURSE PRACTITIONER Describe prescriptive privileges, parameters of practice, and restrictions as outlined in the federal and state law/regulations, including the State Nurse Practice Act. LEARN MORE ABOUT

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